Eaton MV RMU (Secondary Distribution) XIRIA Plus
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Eaton MV RMU (Secondary Distribution) XIRIA Plus

MV RMU (Secondary Distribution) XIRIA Plus is a new generation of electric Ring Main Units (RMU) used in smart grids. This RMU uses a vacuum interrupter compartment and solid insulation and is Eaton's new environment-friendly solid insulated RMU. XIRIA Plus is suitable for 12 kV power distribution systems.

Eaton MV RMU (Secondary Distribution) XIRIA Plus

Core features

Economical and green design

  • Vacuum interrupter and single-phase solid insulation which is maintenance-free and safe
  • Single-circuit design to optimize the electric field, excellent local discharge performance, and low power consumption 

Compact with a customizable configuration

  • Modular design for customizable configuration and easy expansion
  • Compact design–smallest cabinet is just 350 mm wide
  • Design allows plenty of room for cable installation 

Reliable quality and safe operation

  • Eliminates the need for maintenance and has a service life of 10,000 operations with vacuum interrupter compartment
  • Prevents misoperation with mechanical and electrical interlocking mechanisms
  • Prevents electrical misoperation by using fully sealed design
  • Complies with GB3906 and ISO9001 standards

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