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Pad-mounted MOST oil switch

Eaton's Cooper Power series pad-mounted MOST oil switchgear provides economical underground protection and switching. Additionally, the series offers four switch designs that combine multiple functions on one switch permit, allowing for a quicker and more reliable operation.

Modular design
Wide selection of switching combinations
Oil-insulated, sealed design
Less intrusive than comparable designs
Deadfront construction
Minimises high voltage safety hazards

Core features

  • Simple, economical approach to underground switching
  • Wide selection of switching combinations to meet specific requirements, without the added cost of customised construction
  • High level of safety for both the operator and the general public, with its deadfront design
  • Compact, low-profile unit that is considerably less obtrusive than comparable air-insulated designs

Oil insulation provides for a compact, low-profile unit

Oil insulation results in a considerably less obtrusive unit than comparable air-insulated designs. Insulating oil also reduces maintenance and eliminates moisture, dirt and wildlife problems.

Ideal for utility, commercial and industrial applications

The wide selection of fuses available with the MOST oil switch make it easily adaptable to standardised distribution systems and fit the majority of standard pads. The ELSG full-range current-limiting fuse provides consistent clearing of low currents as well as reliable high-speed interruption of high-magnitude short circuit currents. In addition to providing excellent protective characteristics over a wide range of applications, the “E” rated ELSG fuses have time-current characteristics that coordinate easily with other upstream and downstream protective devices.

Quicker and easier operation

Four switch designs are available: two-position open/close, four-position selector blade, four-position “V” blade and four-position “T” blade. Eaton’s “V” and “T” blade designs are unique in that they perform the function of three separate open/close switches. All switch operations are indicated on a single switch handle. Combining multiple functions on one switch not only permits quicker and easier operation but also makes possible a more compact unit.

Operate in areas subject to moisture, flooding and snow

The deadfront, non-ventilated, tamper-resistant construction of low-profile MOST switchgear makes it suitable for operation in areas subject to excessive moisture, occasional flooding and blowing snow. Additional sealing is provided by the Buna-N rubber gasket in the bolted cover.