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Pad-mounted Types PWE, PWVE Three-Phase Recloser
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Pad-mounted Types PWE, PWVE Three-Phase Recloser

Eaton's Cooper Power series types PWE and PWVE three-phase automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable and economical overcurrent protection for underground distribution systems. Designed for 15 and 27 kV system applications, such as feeder protection, sectionalising and transformer high-side protection, these reclosers are pad-mounted and electronically controlled for unmatched coordination and application capability.  

Vacuum interruption
Long life, minimal maintenance
Compact, low-profile
Precise, unvaried operating programmes
Simplified system coordination

Core features

  • Vacuum interruption for a long product life and minimum maintenance
  • Uses oil as the insulating medium, which contributes to the compactness of the weather-proof and tamper-resistant, pad-mounted enclosure
  • Offers coordination and application capability that is unmatched by any other system protection apparatus
  • Enables closer coordination with other protective devices on the system with its precise and unvaried operating programmes
  • Offers easy access to conveniently located operating levels with its side-hinged door
  • Provides the ability to tailor the protective programme to achieve maximum system operating flexibility with recloser and control accessories

Attractive, compact and secure package

Eaton's Cooper Power series pad-mounted PWE and PWVE three-phase reclosers are ideal for substations, commercial and residential areas, as well as other applications where low-profile construction is required.

Minimise recloser maintenance and extend oil life

Vacuum interruption provides long contact life and considerably longer duty cycles than oil interruption. Low-energy arc interruption in a vacuum results in far less shock and demonstration than interruption in oil, thus extending the vacuum recloser mechanism life. Because interruption within the vacuum envelope does not add contaminants to the insulating oil, recloser maintenance is minimised and oil life is extended.

Simplified system coordination

Recloser operations are programmed on Eaton's Cooper Power series Form 6 control panel with accurate, preset tripping characteristics and reclosing times. Operating programmes are precise and unvaried, enabling closer coordination with other protective devices on system.