Shrubline VFI vacuum fault interrupter
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Shrubline VFI vacuum fault interrupter

Eaton Cooper Power series Shrubline VFI vacuum switchgear provides fault interruption and convenient load switching for underground systems up to 25 kV. Additionally, the switchgear is designed for outdoor mounting on a concrete pad and employs oil as the insulation medium to provide a compact, low-profile installation.

Vacuum interruption
Fault current interruption and load make/break switching
Deadfront construction
Minimises high voltage safety hazards
Fully integrated controls package
Meets specific distribution system protection requirements

Core features

  • Provides protection of intermediate in-line faults, tap or branch lines and isolated loads, as well as protection for normally open points in loop-fed URD systems
  • Provides fast, low-energy arc interruption
  • Meets the full requirements of ANSI/IEEE standard 386 for separable insulated connector systems
  • Features a deadfront, tamper-resistant, low-profile construction
  • Includes provision for padlocking the cabinet to prevent unauthorised door opening

Deadfront, tamper-resistant, low-profile construction minimises high-voltage safety hazards

Cabinets meet the enclosure security requirements of ANSI standard C57.12.28 and are suitable for operation in areas subject to excessive moisture, occasional flooding and blowing snow.

Bushing wells are standard and externally replaceable

15/25 kV 200A bushing wells are provided as standard. The wells meet the full requirements of ANSI/IEEE standard 386 for separable insulated connector systems. Bushings are mounted in-line and are located at a minimum of 20 inches above the pad. Bushing wells are externally replaceable.