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VACpac vacuum switchgear

Eaton's Cooper Power series VACpac underground distribution vacuum switchgear is used to switch load, loop, capacitor and cable charging, as well as magnetising currents. Ideal applications include underground vaults, submersible, high-rise building, mining operations, campus and computer-controlled switching installations. 

Non-catastrophic failure mode
Optimal safety
Fully submersible
Permits usage in manholes and vaults
Compact, low-profile
Application versatility

Core features

  • Switches or sectionalises load and loop underground systems
  • Provides tap overcurrent and transformer network protection
  • Permits a long operating life with the low-energy requirements to switch vacuum interrupters
  • Features the highest duty cycle of any distribution system, making it an ideal solution for automated applications that require a large number of switching operations
  • Provides the proven technology of vacuum interrupters, supported by more than five decades of successful VACpac switchgear field experience 

Application versatility

Eaton's Cooper Power series VACpac switchgear is compact, lightweight and can be mounted in any orientation, including manholes and vaults.

Fully submersible and maintenance-free

Eaton's Cooper Power series VACpac has a completely welded seal with fully stainless steel construction and SF6 insulation.