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Paramount Enclosures

Eaton's Paramount configure-to-order enclosures are compatible with virtually all major servers, switches and other networking equipment and they provide unparalleled levels of storage, cooling, power integration, cable management and a broad range of rack accessories.

Paramount Enclosure Features

  • Robust welded steel frame with 3,000 lb. static loading (without casters)
  • Cable management integrated into frame
  • Solid, split perforated or full-size perforated doors
  • Side panels or divider panels (for bayed enclosures)
  • Leveller feet or casters
  • Wide range of top cover options including networking top
  • Airflow management options including blanking panels, chimneys, brushes for cabling areas, gasketing
  • Recessed mounting for PDUs built into rear upright to maximise available space in rear of cabinet
  • Tool-less adjustable rackmount rails
  • Full range of cable management options including vertical cable management, Velcro straps, spools, strain relief bars – and much more
  • Cable chase option to support cable-intensive requirements
  • Conversion kits for popular high-performance switches