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Rack cable managers

Eaton offers cost-effective options for rack cable management (RCM-plus) for network closet and server applications.  The RCM-plus solution provides greater network rack density with increased cable capacity.  

Rack cable management plus (RCM+) solution

The RCM plus solution is designed to provide maximum network rack density and is available in a range of widths, heights and depths to support a variety of rack cable applications.  It is UL Listed and meets or exceeds TIA/EIA standards for cable management products.

  • Increased cable capacity
    • Up to 15% increase in vertical manager bulk capacity
    • Up to 75% reduction in horizontal cable management RMU requirements
    • Up to 30% reduction in vertical manager weight for easier installation
    • Up to 50% increase in finger length
  • Enhanced features 
    • PDU mounting holes allow installation of PDUs directly to the back removable cover 
    • Floor mounting brackets for increased stability
    • ‘Eaton White’ colour option supports data centre efficiency by reducing overhead lighting requirements
    • Vertical cable manager kits available

Basic rack cable management solution


The basic rack cable management (RCM) product line provides sleek, cost-effective options for basic network closet applications. The enhanced rack provides a low-profile cable management solution, and features a stylised door and unique accessories that are compatible with the RCM-plus solution.


  • Sloped fingers enhance cable retention
  • Captive mounting nuts reduce hardware which helps speed installation
  • Lightweight aluminium doors provide stability and improve aesthetics
  • Enhanced dual-density vertical cable manager options
  • Value pack options available