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Airflow Management Accessories

Airflow management accessories like raised floor grommets and high flow enclosure doors help enhance the efficiency and predictability of your data centre.   

Raised floor grommets

Eaton's raised floor grommets provide an additional measure against bypass airflow.   The raised floor grommets are comprised of non-permeable material that allows maximum pressure to be maintained in the sub-floor plenum by allowing cables to enter enclosures while minimising bypass airflow.

  • Increased energy efficiency and predictability – helps eliminate bypass airflow while maintaining a consistent sub-floor plenum pressure
  • Flexible, innovative design – overlapping serrated fingers and optional retention bands adapt to any size or shape cable bundle; ties help ensure a complete and lasting seal by providing tension against the cabling
  • Zero downtime – the split design allows for installation in live environments
  • Superior performance – helps deliver faster, greater return on investment

Paramount high flow doors

Eaton’s high flow doors offer exceptional airflow with 75% perforation, a 19% increase over the industry standard.

  • Unique perforation pattern results in a reduction of raw material consumption by over 60% which means less waste in the manufacturing process – a great “green” benefit
  • Doors are available as left or right hinged and are also field reversible
  • High flow perforation is also available for the rear door and can be ordered as full or split. The doors feature tool-less door removal, a brushed aluminium door pull and a variety of locks.