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Kyoritsu Earth Testers

A complete range of digital and analogue earth resistance testers.

Core features

Many types of measurement from simplified 1 wire, through 2, 3 , 4 wire and clamp type measurements.

Kyoritsu 4102A / 4102A-H 

  • 4102A: Soft Case Model or 4102A-H: Hard Case Model 
  • Dust and drip proof. (designed to IEC 529 IP54) 
  • Earth resistance value can be read directly from the scale. 
  • Capable of measuring earth voltage. 
  • Small and lightweight. Shock resistant new case material.  

Kyoritsu 4105A / 4105A-H 

  • 4105A: Soft Case Model or 4105A-H: Hard Case Model 
  • In addition to the facility for precision measurement, test leads for simplified two wire measuring system also supplied as standard accessories. 
  • Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 safety standard. 
  • Measurement from mA up to AC 1000A. 
  • Capable of measuring earth voltage. 
  • Automatic warning when resistance of aux. earth spikes is in excess of tolerance.  

Kyoritsu 4106 

  • High test current up to 80mA yielding resolution of 0.001Ω on 2Ω range. 
  • Advanced Filtering method (based on FFT Fast Fourier Transform) reduces noise interference for obtaining stable measurements. 
  • Automatic and Manual selection of the Test Current Frequency in four bands (94/105/111/128Hz). In Automatic mode, KEW 4106 will select the most suitable Frequency. 
  • Warning for excessive noise and high Auxiliary Earth Spikes resistance. 
  • Three AC current ranges 20mA/200mA/200A. 
  • Large Graphic Display with backlight for readings in poorly illuminated areas. 
  • Robust design with IP54 protection. 
  • Up to 800 measurement results can be saved in the memory and recalled on the display.  

Kyoritsu 4200 

  • The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1200Ω can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes. (The Multiple Earthing System) 
  • Accurate True RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 30.0A 
  • Noise Check Function  
  • Memory Function - save and display up to 100 measurement data. 
  • Data hold function / Buzzer function / Back light function 
  • Compliant with Safety Standards of IEC 61010-1 : CAT IV 300V Pollution degree 2 
Note: A single earthing can not be measured. (Only for Multiple Earthing System)

Kyoritsu Repair and Calibration Service

Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services is an authorised Kyoritsu calibration and repairer.

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