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80W-140 synthetic gear lubricant

Eaton 80W-140 synthetic gear lubricant is an API GL-5 extreme pressure lubricant designed to promote longer gear life and better operating economy, thus improving fuel economy in heavy, mid and light-duty applications. It is formulated using synthetic base stock, which has a high viscosity index and an exceptionally low pour point. 

Improved protection
Reduces gear wear.
Extended drain intervals
Less maintenance and oil disposal.
Peace of Mind
Backed by Roadranger support.

Core features

  • Longer Axle Component Life
  • Reduces Gear Wear
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Oil Disposal
  • Increases Vehicle Uptime
  • Improves Protection In Extreme Conditions
  • Extended Drain and Extended Warranty Protection
  • Genuine OEM Equipment

Lubricant Cold Flow Comparison

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