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Fuller Advantage Series manual transmission

Eaton’s Fuller Advantage series 10-speed transmission is the most efficient heavy-duty manual transmission available. Available in direct-drive and overdrive models, it’s lighter, more efficient and has better ratio coverage than FR Series manuals. That’s why you’ll find it as standard position at several truck OEMs.

max torque
1850 lb-ft
110K lbs

Core features

  • Precision Lubrication technology reduces oil-churning losses
  • Oil-level sight glass decreases preventative maintenance time
  • Aluminum components include range cylinder, rear plate, shift tower and shift bar housing
  • Low-, mid- and high-shift towers available
  • Standard 8- and 6-bolt PTO openings
  • Two-bolt output yoke/flange retainer improves seal life
  • Improved shift feel

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