Arktite CSR Non-metallic Interlocked Receptacles
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Arktite CSR Non-metallic Interlocked Receptacles

Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series interlocked receptacles prevent engagement and disengagement of the plug under load, providing safe portable power connections and extended product life.

Our Arktite CSR non-metallic interlocked receptacles are used to supply power to portable or fixed electrical equipment such as welders, compressors, conveyors, portable tools, lighting systems and similar equipment.  The compact enclosure is designed to fit in the web of an I-beam, and its heavy duty Arktite receptacle is compatible with existing Crouse-Hinds series Arktite plugs of the same rating and configuration.

Type 4X and IP66 construction make the CSR ideal for use in damp or corrosive locations, wet locations and hosedown areas. 

Certifications and compliances

  • UL standards: UL508, UL1682
  • Certified by UL to CSA standard: C22.2 Nos. 14, 182.1
  • Enclosure Type 3, 4, 4X, 12
  • IP66 enclosure

Design features

  • Threaded front cap ensures watertight rating while plug is not engaged
  • Locking ring on the APJ/NPJ Arktite plug threads onto the receptacle, providing positive, worry-free power engagement and a watertight environmental seal
  • Satisfies OSHA lockout/tagout requirements
  • HP-rated enclosed switch for motor load applications
  • Fused CSR offers a hinged cover for easy access when wiring or replacing fuses
  • Eaton's Bussmann series CubeFuse with indicator is fully rated for 30A and 60A at 600 VAC (fuses not included)
  • Tongue-in-groove sealing system with continuous raised rib around enclosure guarantees watertightness and hosedown ratings
  • Corrosion and impact-resistant enclosure offers enclosure Type 4X, watertight, IP66 rating
  • Innovative cover break line provides easy wiring access
  • Large rotary handle is easy to operate even with gloved hands
  • Self-wiping, naval brass contacts in receptacle assure reliable performance and long, dependable life
  • Corro-free epoxy powder coated receptacle for even greater outdoor weatherability
  • Field proven direct drive interlock provides positive locking action every time

Standard materials

  • Enclosure – fibre-reinforced polyester
  • Hardware – stainless steel
  • Receptacle housing – aluminium
  • Power contacts – naval brass
  • Interlock mechanism – stainless steel
  • Hubs – zinc