Arktite EBBR explosion-proof interlocked receptacles with enclosed circuit breakers
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Arktite EBBR explosion-proof interlocked receptacles with enclosed circuit breakers

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series hazardous area interlocked sockets prevent engagement and disengagement of the plug under load, providing safe, portable power connections and extended product life.

Arktite EBBR explosion-proof interlocking sockets with enclosed circuit breakers are used as a service outlet for portable equipment in areas which are hazardous due to flammable vapours, gases or combustible dust.  Mechanically interlocked with circuit breakers to provide a means of disconnection, short-circuit protection and thermal time-delay overload protection.

The EBBR’s rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminium construction and NEMA 3R rating make it ideal for hazardous areas where frequent washdowns are necessary or where heavy rain or water spray is prevalent.

Certification and compliance


  • Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D
  • Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups F*, G
  • Class III
  • NEMA: 3, 3R, 7BCD, 9FG, 12
UL standard
  • UL1203

*To reduce the risk of ignition of hazardous atmospheres, do not use plugs or sockets in Class II, Group F locations that contain electrically conductive dusts.

Design features

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant, cast copper-free aluminium construction
  • Accepts compatible Arktite plugs of the same rating and configuration
  • Mechanical interlock mechanism for dead-front construction
  • Sockets are mechanically interlocked with circuit breakers to provide disconnect means, short circuit protection and thermal time delay overload protection
  • A spring-door socket, located at the bottom of the unit, is mechanically interlocked with the circuit-breaker operating mechanism for safe and dependable operation
  • Plug and socket contacts cannot be made or broken under load
  • Operating handles can be padlocked in either "ON" or "OFF" positions
  • Component operating handles located through the right side wall of the body permits visual confirmation of correct component assembly and operation
  • Semi-clamshell enclosure design, with an external machined flat joint flamepath between body and cover, makes interior components easily accessible
  • Minimum enclosure-to-enclosure spacing with little interference between the opened cover and an adjacent enclosure
  • Copper-free aluminium hinges allow the cover to swing well out of the way
  • Stainless steel, quick release, captive, hex head cover bolts; stainless steel springs provide clear indication cover bolts are fully retracted from body
  • Versatile, internal operating mechanisms allow for field adjustment to accommodate popular manufacturers' breakers

Standard materials

  • Body, cover and sockets – copper-free aluminium
  • Contact insulator (receptacles and plugs) – fibreglass-reinforced polyester
  • Receptacle contacts – leaded red brass
  • Pressure contacts (plugs) – brass
  • Operating handle – copper-free aluminium
  • Operating shafts and bushings – stainless steel
  • Interior parts – heavy gauge sheet steel, zinc plated
  • Cover bolts, washer and retractile springs – stainless steel

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