Arktite flange receptacle housing for panel mounting
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Arktite flange receptacle housing for panel mounting

Crouse-Hinds series Arktite flange receptacle housings are designed specifically for semi-flush mounting in sheet metal panels or cabinets.  Available in 30A, 60A, 100A and 200A for use with Arktite APJ and AP plugs.

Certifications and compliances

  • UL standard: UL1682

Design features

  • Back boxes are not needed for these receptacle assemblies
  • Where wiring behind a panel is exposed and subject to either mechanical injury or contact by personnel, suitable shields or guards should be provided

Standard materials

  • Receptacle housings – copper-free aluminium
  • Plug exteriors – copper-free aluminium
  • Insulation – fibreglass-reinforced polyester
  • Pressure and solder contacts – brass
  • Crimp/solder contacts – leaded red brass