Micro-Mini cordsets and sockets
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Micro-Mini cordsets and sockets

Improve the efficiency, safety and uptime of your facility with Crouse-Hinds series LynxPOWER industrial connectivity solutions.

Micro-Mini cordsets and sockets are specifically designed for industrial automation applications that expose signal connections to constant flexing and vibration, plus contaminants, hot chips or welding flash.  They are ideal for industrial manufacturing, production line equipment, pick-n-place machines, robotic equipment and processing sensors.

Micro-Mini products are designed specifically for low amperage AC or DC control systems, are compatible with pin configurations used by major sensor manufacturers in the USA and Europe, and meet current SAE H1738-2 and IEC 60176-2-101 specifications.

The moulded-to-cable construction of the one-piece cordset ends creates a bond that is impervious to penetration from external contaminants. Socket shells are made from materials chosen to mate with Micro-Mini cordsets and provide a cable assembly with far superior service.

Our broad selection of Micro-Mini products have been specifically designed for low amperage AC or DC control systems and are ideally suited for use in harsh and abusive manufacturing environments.

Certification and compliance


  • NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P, 13
  • IEC IP68
  • UL listed 2238, file No E468986
  • CSA certified, File No LR13963 (AC cordsets only)


  • UL recognised, cURus, File No E169897

Design features

  • Indicating arrow for easy identification and proper alignment of keyway
  • Vibration-resistant ratchet coupler design prevents loosening in severe and high vibration applications
  • Couplers pass 1,000-hour salt spray test for exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Heavy-duty contact insert provides superior strength for even the most abusive applications
  • Gold-over-nickel female contact-plating provides superior conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Superior bonding socket-to-pigtail epoxy potting ensures excellent reliability by preventing pigtail pull-out
  • Multiple cable options available to suit nearly every industrial application
  • Micro-Mini cordsets available in 3-pole up to 6-pole 18 or 22 AWG cable for 3A, 4A and 5A applications

Standard materials

  • Cable jacket – PVC
  • Coupler – zinc or stainless steel