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AF/GF receptacles

Eaton's Arc Fault Ground Fault (AF/GF) receptacles are dual-purpose circuit interrupters. Now, in one convenient device, your wiring can be protected against both the dangerous arcs that can create fires and the ground faults that cause electrical shock. In addition, our AF/GF receptacles periodically self-test to ensure the readiness of both functions, feature trip indicators to help diagnose the fault, and protect against both series and parallel arcs. A lock-out function prevents mis-wired line-load connections and AF/GF circuitry damage. 




Eaton's AF/GF receptacles are designed with the safety of the user in mind and protect against both unexpected paths to ground and unseen arc faults that can result in electrical fires.

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Eaton’s AF/GF receptacles include tamper resistant shutters to provide compliance with the 2017 NEC® Article 406.12 that states that all receptacles installed in dwelling units must be tamper resistant. Additionally, these AF/GF receptacles incorporate lock-out functionality, which denies power if mis-wired to protect against mis-wired line-load connections and damage the AFCI/GFCI circuitry.


Code compliant

The NEC® requires GFCI or AFCI protection on certain circuits in residential, commercial and industrial applications – in some cases both AFCI and GFCI protection are required on the same circuit. These receptacles are UL Listed and fully compliant with all of the latest UL943 Class A GFCI and UL1699A requirements and protect against both series and parallel arcs.

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Learn more about Eaton’s combined AFCI/GFCI technology that provides fire and electrical safety in one device. Available in both receptacles and breakers.


AF/GF dual-purpose receptacles
provide arc fault and ground fault protection in one device

Core features

  • Tamper resistant (TR) receptacles feature a built-in UL listed safety shutter system
  • Protects from both series and parallel arcs downstream from the Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AF/GF receptacle
  • Device self-tests periodically to ensure proper function of both the ground fault and arc fault protection elements
  • OBC AF/GF receptacles also protect from upstream series arcs
  • Trip indicators make it easy to diagnose arc and ground faults
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