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Occupancy and vacancy sensors

Enjoy advanced energy savings and state-of-the-art automation with Eaton’s occupancy and vacancy sensors. Eaton's motion sensor lighting controls use advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensing technology to detect your presence and switch lights ON. Then, once you’ve left the room, our sensors turn the lights OFF following a preset period of time. 

Sensors are the perfect solution for commercial and residential applications where a switch is inconveniently located and in spaces where lights may be left on accidentally.


Universal dimmer sensors

Eaton’s universal dimmer sensor is designed to reduce the number of devices required in a residential environment by combining motion sensing, toggle and dimmer switching to a single solution. It allows users to increase/decrease light levels, while turning lights ON/OFF based on occupancy. The dimmer sensor is compatible with most light loads (LED, CFL, HAL, FLR, INC, ELV & MLV). 


Motion sensor with nightlight

Sensors with integrated nightlights are ideal for most rooms, and nightlights come with a dimmable light level, selectable ON/OFF and operate independently of the sensing function.


Dual switch sensors

Dual relay sensors are the perfect solution for single point control of two loads from one location, offering even more energy saving opportunities and flexibility than ever.

Core features

  • Sensors use advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensing technology to detect movement
  • Sensors automatically turn lights OFF after a space becomes vacant and a preset time delay elapses
  • Built-in dimmer provides preset full-range dimming of light load and are easily shown with a horizontal row of green LEDs 
  • Occupancy sensors provide Auto ON/Auto OFF or Manual ON/Auto OFF operation 
  • Vacancy sensors provide Manual ON/Auto OFF operation only
  • Occupancy and vacancy sensor work with incandescent and magnetic low-voltage (MLV) lighting load types
are affordable, simple solutions for energy savings and convenience