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Portable GFCI

Arrow Hart’s portable GFCI’s offer exceptional protection against electrical, shock when connected to power generators, agricultural equipment, portable electric heaters, submersible pumps, industrial washers, outdoor signs and vending equipment. Features include a NEMA 4X rated housing for extreme conditions, dual indication lights which display power and fault status, and a variety of cord lengths.

Portable GFCI
offer exceptional protection against ground fault hazards while on the job site

Core features

  • High strength polycarbonate housing for durability
  • NEMA Type 3R rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Field wireable versions available for attachment to existing cords or equipment power supply
  • Compact body design 
  • Automatic and manual GFCI reset options available

Portable protection from electrical injury

Arrow Hart's portable GFCIs give you the assurance that comes from knowing you are protected from ground fault hazards while on the job site.