Portable outlet boxes and covers
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Portable outlet boxes and covers

Arrow Hart industrial grade portable outlet boxes and covers are the bridge you need on location to provide safe power to industrial plants, building maintenance, food & drink facilities, construction sites, shipyards, entertainment venues, film-making sets and expositions. 

Rough and tough

Arrow Hart’s durable portable outlet boxes provide a safe alternative to common metal junction boxes and are especially useful for pendant station drops and stringer sets.
Arrow Hart's portable outlet boxes
offer a safe, durable and efficient temporary power solution

Core features

  • Innovative one-piece design incorporates integrated strain relief and cover plate mounting holes (standard depth only)
  • Rugged Alcryn® and Valox® materials provide durability in industrial applications
  • Variety of standard and flip lid cover plates available for customised installations
  • Non-conductive Alcryn® material provides protection against electric shock
  • Large internal volume for ease of wiring