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Straight blade receptacles

Eaton straight blade receptacles cover the full range of residential, hospital, industrial, construction and commercial grades to meet any application. Choose from decorator or traditional styles, multiple colours, tamper resistant solutions and weather resistant products for exterior installations. Eaton also offers special solutions for complex environments including corrosion-resistant, severe-duty insulated and watertight products.

Eaton's Arrow Hart controlled receptacles now available in green

Eaton’s controlled receptacles adhere to the latest codes and standards for the installation of controllable electrical devices. Our receptacles feature a “controlled” permanent mark providing a differentiated solution from our existing receptacles.
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Eaton residential receptacles

From decorator and standard to tamper and weather resistant receptacles, Eaton’s broad line or residential receptacles covers virtually any need throughout a house. 

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Arrow Hart construction grade receptacles

Arrow Hart construction grade receptacles are designed to provide a dependable, long lasting user experience in a wide variety of environments ranging from commercial office space and schools to production areas within manufacturing plants.

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Arrow Hart commercial and industrial grade receptacles

Eaton's Arrow Hart commercial and industrial grade receptacles are engineered for safe, reliable performance and provide installation efficiency to help finish the job on time. Eaton’s Arrow Hart industrial grade receptacles are designed from the inside out to withstand the most abusive environments and excel in applications that demand the highest levels of performance. 

Straight blade receptacles
offer solutions for all environments and applications
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Arrow Hart hospital grade receptacles

Eaton's Arrow Hart hospital grade receptacles are designed to provide a consistent means of connectivity where downtime can be critical. Hospital grade devices performance and are designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of UL498 and Federal Specification WC-596G giving you a device with long-term reliability, low maintenance and assured performance.

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Arrow Hart control marked receptacles

Eaton's Arrow Hart control marked receptacles are the ideal solution for minimising energy usage. Receptacles are permanently marked with a “controlled” mark that is NEMA approved and compliant with the NEC article 406.3, CA Title 24 standard, and ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Efficiency standard. Our selection of receptacles comprises a number of variants that include tamper or non-tamper resistant, dual-controlled or half-controlled, duplex or decorator receptacles in either a 15A and 20A version at 125V.

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Arrow Hart power receptacles

Heavy duty design and construction make Eaton’s Arrow Hart power devices ideal for any high amperage industrial or commercial power connectivity application.

Core features

  • Nylon face has high impact- and chemical-resistance to maintain receptacle integrity
  • Terminal screws are backed out and have tri-combo heads (slot/Phillips/Robertson) for easy installation 
  • Automatic grounding system eliminates need for bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosures
  • Arrow Hart series includes screw terminal guards provide fast easy protective covering from conductive surfaces 
  • Tamper resistant receptacles provide compliance with 2017 NEC® Article 406.12 that states that all 15A & 20A, 125V receptacles installed in dwelling units must be tamper resistant
  • Convenient built-in wire strippers 
  • Patented built-in wire looper for pre-looping