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Weatherproof and While-in-use boxes covers

Our broad offering of weatherproof products are designed for impact resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and longevity in virtually any outdoor or indoor wet or damp location.

Weatherproof and while-in-use covers
offer specific weather protective cover solutions for today's needs

Core features

  • While-in-use covers offer complete protection of electrical connections, even when cables are plugged in
  • Durable one-piece corrosion resistant polycarbonate cover with stainless steel hinge offers additional strength and weather protection while being easy to open/close with lockable clasp
  • Nylon and cast aluminium covers perform well in harsh industrial environments

Code compliance

The 2014 NEC® Article 406.9 (B)(1) requires receptacles located outdoors on all dwellings in wet locations to be installed in enclosures that are weatherproof with or without a plug inserted.