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Wire mesh grips

Eaton’s complete offering of Arrow Hart wire mesh grips is built tough for industrial applications. The broad selection of strain relief, pulling and support grips are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to serve all of your cable protection needs.

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Pulling grips

Pulling grips serve as reusable tools for pulling cables, wires and/or rope in overhead and underground cable pulls. These grips protect the cable from abrasion and ease the cable through bends and rough surfaces.


Strain relief grips

Strain relief grips distribute strain throughout the length of the mesh during bending, prolonging the life of the cable. Strain relief grips are used to connect cable enclosures and industrial equipment. These grips also prevent cable or conduit pull-out at the point of termination due to tension. 


Support grips

Support grips distribute the weight of vertical drops and sloping runs over the length of the grip to protect the cable from damage. A variety of hanging styles are available to service numerous cable support installations including single eye and double eye grips.

Wire mesh grips
protect against abrasion, reduce stress and strain, support and prolong cable life

Core features

  • Strain relief grips prevent cable pullout and reduce stress and strain on conducts at the point of wire termination
  • Support grips hold and support cables, metal rods, hose and tubing
  • Pulling grips are a reusable cable installation tool
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