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Z-Wave Plus wireless collection

Make your home connected and smart with Eaton’s Z-Wave Plus wireless collection. Eaton's complete offering of wireless lighting controls is easy to install, requires no special wiring and is perfect for both new construction and existing homes. With Z-Wave Plus wireless collection you get enhanced cyber security, improved wireless performance and flexibility to choose from 10 different colours to match your lighting mood and room decor.  

How we make connected homes possible

Eaton combines wireless connectivity with energy-efficient, modern controls to reimagine intelligent home design.

Wireless collection and customisation

Z-Wave Plus dimmers, switches, outlets, sensors and accessories allow you to customise your lighting controls to match the mood and room decor with your choice of 10 different colour options including metallic finish. 


Z-Wave Plus technology

In addition to Z-Wave's unmatched interoperability, Z-Wave Plus provides faster and more secure wireless performance, over the air updates and a mesh network with all products communicating with each other.


New and retrofit solutions

Z-Wave Plus wireless devices are ideal for new home construction and retrofitting existing homes because they do not require new wiring. Simply replace existing electrical devices to begin your smart home transformation.

Watch the video

Learn more about the benefits of Z-Wave Plus wireless collection and it's broad offering of lighting controls to fit your every need.

Core features

  • Easy to install with no special wiring required
  • Voice and app based control when used with a compatible smart home system
  • S2 security certified – Enhanced wireless encryption and cyber security
  • Support for over the air updates – Consumers always have the latest features
  • Interoperability powered by Z-Wave Plus technology enables compatibility with popular smart home and security systems


How to buy from Eaton
How to buy

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