Learning & development

Are you passionate about reaching your full potential? We are committed to lifelong learning and offer multiple resources supporting personal development and continuing professional education.

Eaton University

Explore more than 1,500 online education and instructor-led courses offered by Eaton University, our internal continuing education center. We help empower your professional development.

Leadership development

Our leadership programs provide the foundation for achieving our aspirational and financial goals. Program topics include inclusion and diversity education, new manager training, and more. Our zone program helps high performers with strong potential prepare for future leadership roles. Our online Leadership Center is a collection of resources available to enable all employees in advancing their leadership skills.

Stretch Assignment Marketplace (SAM)

Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate your potential. Grow your skills with SAM, an open marketplace of projects where you work with others to solve real business challenges. Teams bring diverse skills to work on projects outside of their daily responsibilities.

Inclusion employee resource groups

Our inclusion employee resource groups provide a space where various demographic groups and their allies work together toward common organizational goals.