Our businesses

Our broad array of products can be found in industries all over the world, protecting people and assets while improving productivity and efficiency. We also help customers meet stringent code and regulatory requirements with our highly engineered products. And our large installed base of equipment around the world creates opportunities for aftermarket sales and services. 


We help customers meet the demands of the world’s ever-growing need for power by improving efficiency and uptime, meeting regulatory requirements and protecting people and equipment. Our electrical products help utilities generate, transmit and distribute power. And once that power is distributed, we help people use it efficiently and safely, whether in a building, industrial facility, data centre or home. Our solutions range from circuit breakers to switchgear to machine controls. We offer a full portfolio of back-up power and surge protection, providing maximum uptime and guarding against power surges or outages. In hazardous environments, we help protect people and property with explosion-proof enclosures, signalling, notification and surveillance systems. Our comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end electrical solutions is complemented by our full-scale engineering and support services.

Our customers span a wide range of markets, including residential, commercial and institutional buildings, industrial facilities, utilities, data centres, oil and gas, mining and machine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Key growth drivers:

  • Among the top four large global players in the worldwide low- and medium-voltage electrical industry
  • Strongest distribution network in North America
  • Market leader for applications in harsh and hazardous applications
  • Well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for connected and intelligent solutions
  • Strong intellectual property position

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We are a market leader in hydraulics, motion control, air frame fuel, air frame pneumatics and engine solutions. Our aerospace products help control aerial navigation and propulsion systems as well as fuel management and distribution.

Our hydraulic, fuel, motion-control and engine solutions power hundreds of military and commercial aircraft platforms.  From the Mars rover “Curiosity” to today’s most cutting-edge commercial and private aircraft, we help to ensure aircraft availability, improved operational performance and regulatory compliance.

We work with our customers to develop safe, reliable and efficient solutions for aircraft, with an emphasis on lower life-cycle costs, system integration, optimised system controls and reduced weight.

Key growth drivers:

  • Global megatrends of increasing wealth and trade will increase the demand for more passenger and freight air traffic, driving growth in new aircraft as well as aftermarket demand
  • Strong intellectual property and patent position
  • Large installed base enables strong aftermarket sales and services position
  • Among the top three players in hydraulics, motion control, air frame fuel and air frame pneumatics
  • Growing content of Eaton products on the newest aviation platforms

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Original equipment manufacturers of commercial and passenger vehicles look to us for solutions that enhance overall vehicle efficiency, reliability, safety and driveability. Our vehicle products include emission-control components, engine valves, valve-train systems, superchargers, transmissions, clutches and torque management products and systems.

Key growth drivers:

  • Long-term growth driven by growing numbers of vehicle owners in emerging markets
  • Increased regulation and the demand for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions creates opportunities for our advanced technologies
  • We are an industry leader in valve and valve actuation
  • Market leader in commercial truck transmissions and clutches in North and South America
  • Strategically advantaged position in the light vehicle sector in China, the largest market in the world
  • Joint venture with Cummins for automated transmission products provides global growth prospects

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As consumers and major vehicle manufacturers incorporate electric vehicles into their transportation offerings, both Eaton and the industry are well-positioned for strong growth opportunities in electrical vehicle platforms over the next 10 to 20 years. 

eMobility is the perfect intersection of our industry knowledge and electrical technology expertise. Launched in early 2018, the eMobility segment combines elements of our Electrical and Vehicle businesses to deliver electric-vehicle products to passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-highway OEMs. eMobility focuses on three primary areas for both automotive and commercial vehicle customers: intelligent power electronics, power systems, and advanced power distribution and circuit protection. While eMobility may be a new business to Eaton, we have decades of experience in managing power and developing commercial vehicle hybrid systems. With competencies in areas that car manufacturers consider critical in the electrical vehicle market, we are uniquely positioned to solve complex electrical challenges.

In this fast-growing market, we currently see potential revenue opportunities for the business between $2 billion to $4 billion by 2030.


Key growth drivers:

  • Knowledge of the complex vehicle development and manufacturing process, along with existing robust relationships with global OEMs
  • Market growth potential
  • Increasing demand for electric powertrains in passenger cars, buses and commercial vehicles
  • Helping OEMs and municipalities meet sustainability goals 


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