Writing about Eaton

Writing about Eaton? The fact sheets at right contain useful information on how to properly cite the company and its various components. For additional guidance, please contact Ann Marie Halal at (440) 523-4418 or Gina Goodwin at (440) 523-4183.

There are references to Eaton's business segments in all its quarterly and annual reports. For more information about the company's business segments and their financial results, view Eaton's latest Annual Report.

There are references to Eaton's groups in news releases about personnel appointments and changes to organizational structure. For more information about the company, visit the Company section of this site.

Subsidiaries of Eaton
Eaton Corporation plc is the legal name of the Dublin, Ireland-based business entity traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:ETN). Eaton has majority-owned subsidiaries around the globe. When reporting on the company, it is rarely necessary or appropriate to refer to the legal entity name of those subsidiaries. It is usually appropriate to instead refer to the company simply as Eaton.

Use of the Eaton Logo
The Eaton logomark is a registered trademark of Eaton Corporation plc. For permission to use the logo and for access to reproducible artwork, please contact one of the media contacts above.


Fact sheets

Download our company fact sheets to learn more about Eaton.