We make “getting the job done” work.*

*When you envision a new construction project, what comes to mind? The excitement of breaking ground? The countless man hours and machinery? The pride of a job well done? At Eaton, we think of everything—from clearing the lot and setting the foundation to powering the building and maintaining its safety.

You can find Eaton technologies throughout the construction process. Our innovations are found in the machines and vehicles that make excavation and construction possible. We engineer the infrastructure that supports new buildings floor by floor. And our electrical power, lighting and safety systems help keep the lights on and people protected long after the ribbon cutting. Whether it’s a towering skyscraper, a grocery store or a university campus, Eaton is there to make sure it all works.
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See how we support construction projects from foundation to rooftop.

We make solid foundations work.*

*Breaking new ground is always a challenge. Whether it’s demolishing an existing structure, clearing large rocks and trees or hauling debris, properly preparing the construction site comes first. We engineer smart, dependable products for the equipment that makes breaking new ground possible.

Our motors, pumps, hoses and sub-systems are the lifeblood of hard-working backhoes and excavators. Our steering technologies are the driving force behind bulldozers, loaders and cement mixers. And our rugged and reliable transmissions, found in dump trucks, concrete mixers and other vocational vehicles, improve productivity by reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

When preparing a construction site, there’s no substitute for trusted machinery and devices. At Eaton, we deliver reliable, hard-working products that help set up projects for success.

We make re-imagined skylines work.*

*Crews, equipment and materials will change over the course of construction. But Eaton is a constant throughout—with products that are critical to structural integrity and the building itself. 

The very components that drive bulldozers and excavators also power the cranes and dig rigs that make new builds a reality. Our struts and supports form the backbone of a structure whilst our riggings and platforms are durable enough to help erect even the world’s tallest landmarks. And our safety gratings are found in projects from professional sports stadiums and railcar platforms to warehouse mezzanines and hospital rooftop walkways. 

No matter the job’s challenges, Eaton innovations support every phase of construction—literally and figuratively.

We make building big work.*

*Renderings and blueprints capture the vision of new construction, but only once a building nears completion does it truly start to live. Power is integrated in almost every aspect of a new build, and Eaton plays a major role in bringing new facilities to life and maintaining them for years to come. 

Our electrical distribution equipment maintains the pulse of electricity. Our products for HVAC systems make living and working conditions comfortable. Safety and productivity are assured through advanced back-up power protection and mass notification systems. Connected lighting and modular wiring systems illuminate environments and minimise the environmental impact and energy costs. And our service plans help ensure that everything works long after construction is complete. 

The planning process is critical for creating a power distribution system that delivers electricity safely and reliably. There is an order to everything and we all have to work together—from the architects to the installers—so that one discipline does not jeopardise the work of another.

Tom, vice president, technical sales

From breaking the ground to move-in day and beyond

We’re driven to improve lives and the environment with power management technologies and services that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. Because that is what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.