We make match day work.*

*For a true sports fan, a match is never just a match. And there’s nothing like being there to see your favourite sport played live. Football, rugby, car racing, golf—no matter the event, the true power of practice, determination and great sportsmanship always shines through. 

But great sporting events rely on other kinds of power, too. From the lights overhead to the freshly cut grass on the pitch, you’ll find Eaton power management technology helping to make sure that the critical systems and infrastructure behind the scenes deliver just as reliably as the players do. Because every match and every event can become a fond memory. And Eaton is there every step of the way making sure it works.
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We’re powering the critical equipment that brings great sporting moments to life.

We make the best seats in the house work.*

*Today’s stadiums are a lot like small cities that come to life every match day. For the people who operate these modern-day wonders, the goal is to keep tens of thousands of fans not just entertained but safe, comfortable and well-informed. And don’t forget about the millions of viewers watching as events are broadcast in real time to homes, phones and devices everywhere.

Eaton is proud to put its power expertise to work by energising stadiums and helping to make fully connected experiences possible. Enabling critical electrical systems that light and power the stadium. Providing reliable back-up power for live broadcasts, from the cameras on the field to the LEDs high overhead. Or creating innovative energy storage systems that help stadiums use power more efficiently—and even give it back to the grid during times of peak demand or emergencies. 

The thing about sports lighting is that we affect people. We’re not just putting up lights; we bring the pitch to life. We’re energising the stadium, the players, even the fans watching at home. It’s really exciting.

Chris, director of engineering, Ephesus sports lighting products

We make pitches and fairways work.*

*You don’t need a stadium to enjoy a great match—but having a well-manicured pitch to play on is always a plus. From football pitches to baseball diamonds to golf fairways, keeping the grass growing is no small task. 

Look closely, and you’ll find Eaton hard at work keeping you on your game no matter where you play. Behind every sprinkler there are innovative control and filtration systems driving intelligent and efficient irrigation. Eaton’s hydraulic hoses and hydrostatic transmissions keep the mowers mowing. And Eaton’s Golf Pride grips, one of the world’s leading brands for high-performance golf, help you play like a pro.

Our stories: How Brett makes what matters work

Did you know Eaton makes great golf swings work for golfers all around the world? Hear from Brett Zollman in our Golf Pride Division on how he makes what matters work for Tour players all year round.

I’m proud that all levels of players benefit from our Golf Pride grips. We’re their connection to the club. All the technology we pour into these grips makes a difference.

Bruce, retail product manager, Golf Pride Division

We make more horsepower work.*

*From Daytona to Monaco, car racing captures the enthusiasm of fans worldwide. Designing and outfitting cars to take the gruelling conditions of going hundreds of miles—often whilst driving hundreds of miles per hour—takes world-class expertise.

At Eaton, we design high-performance aftermarket products for professional drivers and car enthusiasts alike. Our legendary performance products—including Detroit Locker differentials and TVS Superchargers—are trusted by gearheads around the globe because every product we offer is tested and validated in our fully equipped labs and 650-plus-acre proving grounds in Marshall, Michigan, USA. So you know they’ll go strong until the chequered flag is waved.

Eaton's supercharger technology makes races exciting. But it’s the way we power sporting events—that’s what’s REALLY exciting. Helping people relax and have fun, it's something to be proud of.

Brian, product director, boosting

From the pitch to the fairway to the racetrack

Power is a fundamental part of our daily lives. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies and services that are more safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.