Back-up power UPS

High-performance systems are rarely equipped to handle surges or outages on their own. For this reason, it’s vital that you have a viable source of back-up power to support your network in the event that their mains power supply is compromised.

Eaton is a world-leading provider of uninterruptible power systems, or UPS. Our range of back-up power systems cover everything from at-home network closets and small-scale server rooms through to enterprise and co-location data centres.


Questions before deciding on what UPS is right for your infrastructure?

Lithium-ion batteries are now available

Lithium-ion batteries are the gold standard for stable and continual support in a range of high-performance networks. They’re a more compact and energy dense battery technology and can be charged and re-charged hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. Eaton back-up UPSs save time, space and energy by using lithium-ion batteries to provide your network with the power it needs to run without access to mains power. For help determining which lithium-ion battery is right for you and your UPS, follow the link below. Learn which lithium-ion battery is the right fit for you

How many minutes of battery backup time does a UPS provide?

Develop a clearer picture of what an Eaton UPS can do to provide your network with an uninterrupted supply of power when mains power becomes unviable. Choose from a selection of featured back-up power systems and gain insight into the sorts of run time you can expect with a Eaton USP.

Need a primer on UPSs?

Eaton's UPS fundamentals handbook contains a wealth of information on everything from UPS topologies, through to common power problems and the different plugs and receptacles needed to connect your whole system. Download and read this handbook now to get the complete picture of how an Eaton USP can be incorporated into your network – providing your system with the power it needs to run safely in the event of a mains power interruption.