Power management software

For a flexible power management software solution that can grow with your needs, look to Eaton. Our Eaton Intelligence Platform can be adapted to monitor a single back-up UPS or scaled to monitor an entire data centre. Readily integrated with leading power management visualisation tools, the Eaton Intelligence Platform is the solution that you can rely on for everything you need to ensure reliability and control over your network.

Intelligent Power Manager

The power of automation allows you to make tasks simpler via advanced alerts and automated resolution. Never get left in the dark again with Eaton power management software.

Intelligent Power Protector

Protect your data and network devices with graceful, automatic shutdown of network devices during a prolonged power disruption. A soft landing to make re-launching your network predictable.

UPS Companion

Safeguard your work in progress with safe system shutdowns designed specifically for small/home offices. No more lost progress or missed deadlines – protect your business with Eaton power management software.

Need help understanding the fundamentals of power management?

Effective power management software is an essential piece of the puzzle for businesses seeking to protect their networks from the impact of power surges, cuts and other mains power interruptions. At its core, Eaton Intelligence Platform is software that offers everything you need to keep your mission-critical applications running and stable through interruptions big and small. 

However, there is a lot more to be aware of when it comes to using software to assist in ensuring that your systems are serviced with a reliable and observable source of power. To gain some insight into the fundamentals of power management, you can look to our most frequently asked questions.


Supporting hyper-converged infrastructure systems

A hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is an IT framework that seeks to lower costs and increase agility. Though in the combination of storage, computing and network technologies that make up HCIs – back-up power is typically overlooked. Gain insight into the importance of power management software in sophisticated HCIs with Eaton. We’ll walk you through the significance of UPS power management software and demonstrate how your organisation can benefit from the support of Eaton.