Racks and Enclosures

IT equipment racks and enclosures are all important in the development of reliable and manageable data centres. They’re the physical support that ensures your servers are accessible, easy to maintain and given the space they require to function as intended.

Eaton makes it simple to manage the physical implementation of your servers and network by providing a reliable platform of IT racks and enclosures. Look on below to find out more about how we can equip your installation team with the gear they need to support and protect your mission-critical equipment and more.


The Eaton ExoCab outdoor enclosures are a range of versatile, cost effective outdoor IP55 cabinets for a wide range of telecommunications, electronics and UPS applications. Equipped with a variety of features that ensure the safety of your batteries and telecommunications equipment, the ExoCab Outdoor Enclosure range is the clear choice in a broad range of outdoor settings.
Eaton’s RE Series Rack offers a rugged, durable platform for the deployment of your servers and network hardware. They’re low cost, simple to install and readily adapted to a variety of hardware arrangements – providing exceptional value for network, server and telecommunication applications. Follow the link to learn more about RE Series Racks from Eaton.