Introducing EatonCare

We make what matters work.*

*The conventional approach to customer care no longer works. Acronyms and anonymity must give way to answers and accountability. Closed doors will be replaced by open lines of communication. Imagine service teams with immediate access to the tools and knowledge required to provide the support you need, real-time. This is the customer service promise we will deliver with EatonCare- EMEA.

Introducing EatonCare™

One call

Out with multiple numbers, in with speed-dial simplicity.  Channel partners, customers and Eaton sales people will call.  Human beings will pick up.   Useful answers will follow.   

Just right

EatonCare services focus on geographic needs and the market served.   Connecting expertise across the region.  Local and common resources working as one.   This way, we deliver the level of service and expertise needed to address your needs.  Just right.  Right on time.

Expertise where it matters.

Products can be duplicated.   Expertise is what matters.  EatonCare is the result of more than a century of serving customers, listening to what people want and striving to deliver with passion.  No one can do this alone – we’re a key partner, collaborator and problem solver – helping to bring together customers with the right Eaton experts to help solve even their most difficult problems.   We’re determined to learn how to be better, more efficient, more accountable.  If there’s an answer out there, we’ll find it.  Let us show you how.



We are EatonCare

You can always tell when you’ve met a member of the EatonCare team. A collection of like-minded professionals, our first inclination is to put others ahead of ourselves. We strive to make every Eaton customer, big or small, feel like our one and only customer. We treat each other with respect, fairness, honesty and openness.

Commitment & integrity

This level of commitment and integrity doesn’t just happen. At Eaton, ours is an unspoken expectation of excellence at every level, stressing attention to detail and doing whatever it takes. Because at the end of the day, we know that our long-term success is ensured only by our sustained effort to deliver superior service and an even better experience. This is the power to make a difference.


EatonCare team members have a reputation for honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. Our values are clear. We care how we get results. We care about what matters to you. We want to make it better. And we’re here to make sure it works.

Visualise EatonCare

The right answers, right away. The EatonCare platform for customer and sales support ensures users are immediately matched with the appropriate team of segment specialists, for fast, quality service.

The beginning

Life offers few opportunities to start fresh.  This is one of them.  It’s time to take what is working and make it even better.  To reflect and learn.  It’s time to apply dedication, smart thinking and new, innovative approaches to big (and small) problems.  This is what truly matters. We will make it work.  It’s time for EatonCare™.

We make what matters work.*