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SPDT3 xPole Surge Protection

The SPDT3 device is especially used for fine protection of user equipment against transient overvoltage and local protection of sensitive loads in end circuits. These SPDs type 3 have a low discharge capacity, so in order to have a full protection type 3 should be supplementing type 2 SPDs and be installed in the vicinity of sensitive loads. 

SPDT3 xPole Surge Protection
SPD test class
According to
EN 61643-11

Core features

  • SPD type T3 according to standard EN 61643-11
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage (UC): 280 – 335 VAC
  • For mounting on DIN rails in distribution boxes for electrical installations
  • Test class III according to IEC 61643-1+A1
  • Available with auxilary contact


Reliability for sensitive and expensive equipment

For sensitive and expensive equipment the use of type 3 surge protection devices as an additional safety meassure is recommended. This additional protection against harmful overvoltage should be used where sensitive electronic is in use.
These arresters protect particulary sensitive devices against overvoltages, which have been reduced by the upstream type 2 protection level.

Necessity of overvoltage protection

Installation of surge protection devices is intended to ensure voltage limitation in accordance with insulation coordination, avoiding sparking which could cause a fire. Overvoltage protection devices should be installed to reduce the effects of overvoltage. This applies to the electrical systems of all buildings from residential homes up to hospitals, communications infrastructure, and other public buildings, aswell as commercial/industrial sites, for example hotels, banks, shops and factories.

Designed for sensitive and critical equipment

Eaton's SPDT3 is a specially designed surge protection device for sensitive and critical equipment in residential or professional environment. Typical applications are
• Computers, peripherals and multimedia
• TV, video and Hi-Fi equipment: Home cinema, NAS, digital decoders,etc.
• Internet gateways
• Gaming console
• Broadband modems (Internet and TV) & IP telephony
• Household appliances/devices, etc.
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