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SPRT12 xPole Surge Protection

The SPRT12 is a combined type 1 and type 2 device and is suitable for a wide range of surge protection in a large number of systems; especially in buildings with just one distribution board and risk of direct and indirect lightning strikes.

SPRT12 xPole Surge Protection
Lightning Protection Level
I and II
EN 61643-11
combined SPD

Core features

  • Standards: IEC/EN 61643-11
  • For lightning protection level (LPL): I and II
  • IEC and EN test classification: T1, T2
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage (UC): 350 VAC
  • Mounting type: DIN rail 35 mm
  • Surge protection fault message: optical, remote indicator contact
  • Ready-to-connect combined surge protection device type 1/2 on the basis of spark gaps

Protection against transient overvoltage

Surge protection devices of type 1/2 are often used where customers have a lightning protection system installed. Usually when an external lightning protection system is installed, an internal lightning protection system is also required.

A combination of T1 and T2 devices are suitable for a wide range of surge protection and offer in this case the best solution.

Designed for higher requirements

Eaton‘s comprehesive range of surge protection devices offer just for the fraction of the cost of your valuable equipment, the peace of mind that your household is protected against the destructive power of surges.

This overvoltage protection was designed for buildings, which have to meet higher requirements from the risk assessment.

Reduces effect of overvoltages

The installation of surge protection devices is intended to ensure voltage limitation in accordance with the insulation coordination. This avoids dangerous sparking and the resulting fires.

Overvoltage protection devices must be installed to reduce the effects of overvoltages. This applies to the electrical systems of all buildings from residential homes up to public and telecommunications facilities.
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