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xPole Combined RCD/MCB Device PFL6/7, 1+N-pole
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xPole Combined RCD/MCB Device PFL6/7, 1+N-pole

These PFL6/7 devices are line voltage-independent electromechanical residual current protection units with integrated overcurrent protection. 

This PFL6 RCD/MCB combination of the "Economy series" is only available as type AC (up to 250 A impulse current resistant) with rated currents of 6 to 25 A.

The PFL7 device is not only available as AC and pulse current sensitive "standard type" A, but also as type G, which triggers with a time delay of at least 10 ms, and as AC. While the AC and the A are only impulse current resistant up to 250 A, the type G offers an increased impulse current resistance of more thank 3 kA. This makes it the ideal choice when nuisance tripping must be avoided.

Rated currents
up to 40 A
Tripping Characteristics
B and C
Rated breaking capacity
6 or 10 kA

Core features

  • Economy series mainly for house installations 
  • Line voltage-independent tripping
  • Contact position indicator red – green
  • Rated currents up to 40 A 
  • Tripping characteristics B, C
  • Rated breaking capacity
    • 6 kA (PFL6)
    • 10 kA (PFL7)
  • Twin purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) above and below
  • Busbar positioning optionally above and below
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar
  • Guide for secure terminal connection
  • Comprehensive range of accessories can be mounted subsequently
  • Higher trip fault resistance (type G) thanks to delayeds tripping and increased current resistance > 3 kA 
  • 3-position DIN rail clip, permits removal from existing busbar system 
  • Switching toggle (MCB component) in color designating the rated current 

All in one device

Eaton's high quality standard guarantees comprehensive personal- and equipment protection by combining the functionalities of a residual current circuit breaker with those of a miniature circuit breaker.
This means spending less time and effort wiring while still protecting the system against overload, short circuit and residual current. Using Eaton's line of RCBOs, your electrical system will increase in safety and reliability.
By organizing the equipment-, lighting- and socket circuits to several protective switching devices, the impacted circuit can be switched off remotely in the event of a fault.

Suitable RCD/MCB types for all contingencies

Wiring the circuits separately increases the operational safety of an electrical system, because in the event of a ground fault on a separated circuit will allow for that circuit to be opened when tripping limits are exceeded. Often a ground fault can lead to an unintentional disconnection of a residual current protection device when other inputs are protected by the same breaker. This type of nusiance tripping can be prevented by individually wiring the system with several circuit breakers.
  • Type AC: This type only detects pure sinusoidal AC residual currents.
  • Type -A: Ideal for standard application. Protects against special forms of residual pulsating DC which have have not been smoothed.
  • Type -G: 10 ms time delay in order to avoid unwanted tripping (e.g. during thunderstorms).

IEC Standard quality design

The RCBO line adheres to the IEC standard of IEC/EN 61009 – an IEC region as well as European standard for RCDs with integrated overcurrent protection (RCBOs). This applies to both the line voltage-independent and line voltage-dependent RCDs/MCBs with rated currents up to 125 A for fixed installations.

All requirements of IEC/EN 61009 are 100 % fulfilled by Eaton's RCBO line. All required standards are printed on the devices.
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