Conversion kit Fluorescent - Self-contained conversion kit
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Conversion kit Fluorescent - Self-contained conversion kit

This conversion kit range is aiming for the transformation of fluorescent lamp mains lighting apparatus to perform as emergency lighting in an emergency situation. Solutions like these are ideal for large venues such as universities, supermarkets, warehouses, offices and open spaces which are integrated with the existing ordinary lighting.

Low profile modules and unique chamfered battery end caps easing integration into swallow luminaries are standard throughout the whole range of the conversion kits particularly useful in the newest ranges of T5 lamp.

The range is available with 1h and 3h duration versions. The latest version of conversion kits delivers optimum performance for a diverse choice of fluorescence lamp types and wattages.

Conversion kit Fluorescent - Self-contained conversion kit
Compatible with most fluorescent lamps
Low profile design
Suitable for fitting integral to host luminaire
1h and 3h duration


  • ENEC certified
  • Compatible with T5 fluorescent lamps and high-frequency circuits
  • Suitable for electronic and electromagnetic ballasts
  • High-temperature batteries
  • Charging time of 24 hours
  • LED charging indicator
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