xChargeIn Electric Vehicle Charging Station
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xChargeIn Electric Vehicle Charging Station

With xChargeIn, Eaton brings a solution for electromobility. The electric vehicle charging station xChargeIn includes four different series A, X, M and S. They cover the full range of possible applications, from simple wall-mounted systems in private homes to charging stations on company premises or in commercial buildings such as public parking garages. In addition, Eaton offers a range of accessories that help to make this innovative charging technology even more efficient and cost-effective.

xChargeIn Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Four different series
A, X, M, S
Ambient temperature range
10 A -16 A: -25 °C to +50 °C 20 A-32 A: -25 °C to +40 °C
Control app
Smart Home Controller

Core features

  • Slim design with a power output up to 22 kW
  • Very cost efficient 1-phase solution with up to 7,4 kW
  • Current range from 10 to 32 A, adjustable by means of a DIP switch (settings: 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32 A)
  • Made for harsh environments: 10-16 A: -25 to +50 °C / 20-32 A: -25 to +40 °C
  • No special RCCB needed due to integrated DC leakage detection (Type A sufficient)
  • xComfort control kit available for X-, S- and M-Series for energy monitoring and efficient power use
  • Accessories: pedestals, replacement covers, cable holder, RFID cards, Smart Home Controller

The future of e-mobility

The term e-mobility refers to transportation involving any vehicle equipped with batteries and an electric drive. Since 2008, the European Union has been working in conjunction with industry to support investments in e-mobility through so-called public-private partnerships. E-mobility is thus a core component of the strategy for achieving a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Eaton's answer

Within the field of e-mobility, the market currently distinguishes between hybrid vehicles and genuine electric vehicles. For genuine electric cars, ranges of hundreds of kilometres are already technically possible. As a result, regular use of electric vehicles is not only conceivable but completely feasible – for example for shopping trips, the daily commute to work or taking the children to school.

Intelligent power management

The charging stations of the X, S and M series can be externally controlled by means of one integrated X1 connection. Through the Smart Home Controller (SHC) app, Eaton offers an integrated package of pre-selected xComfort components, as well as a matching control system for the charging stations. The X1 contact is controlled by a potential-free output, which, when active, will cause the charging station to start the charging process.

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