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RMQ-Titan modular pilot devices

By using Eaton's RMQ-TitanTM pilot devices, you have the opportunity to design reliable, ergonomic and flexible machines and systems. Whether on the control panel, in suspended panels or inside the control cabinet: The RMQ-Titan devices from the Moeller series are the number one option for machine and panel builders. In addition to their ergonomic design, it is their flexibility and versatility that makes them ideally suited for use in machines and systems. The RMQ-Titan components offer the perfect combination of attractive design and practical handling.

RMQ-Titan modular pilot devices
100,000 hours non-stop
Large selection of front elements
Innumerable applications

Core features

  • Dual and multi-colour LEDs
  • Concave button elements
  • Field bus connection via AS-i
  • Mounting diameters of 22.3 mm or 30 mm, also applies to Flat Design
  • Up to six snap-on contact elements on two levels
  • Quick change between maintained/momentary function for all maintained pushbuttons
  • Quick and retrospective change of the momentary/maintained function for all option keys and coding elements
  • Degree of protection: IP65/IP66/IP69K
  • Suitable for global use thanks to UL/CSA, IEC, CCC approvals

Proven quality. An innovative system.

Thanks to their flexible design, the RMQ-Titan pilot devices of the M22 series are suitable for use in diverse applications and processes. The modular system makes it possible to adapt the dimensions, materials and colours of the front elements to your specific application. By using dual and multi-colour LEDs, the buttons are able to display separate machine states simultaneously. The emergency-stop / emergency power-off buttons are not only suitable for global use, but are also tamper-proof and have been equipped with positively opening contacts.

RMQ Flat Design pilot devices

Enjoy a greater degree of flexibility and build more compact, innovative machines with the space-saving RMQ Flat Design front and contact elements. They are extremely sturdy and functional, and combine a sophisticated appearance with cutting-edge operating concepts. The true beauty of the RMQ front elements and contact elements lies in their clever, flat configuration.

RMQ emergency-stop buttons

The Eaton Moeller series of emergency-stop buttons ensure immediate and safe shutdown to protect your machinery and systems as well as the people in their vicinity. The pushbuttons are tamper-proof, certified for global use and can be safely used in any environment and situation.

Easy integration. Smart communications.

In addition to conventional wiring, the RMQ-Titan series also allows for easy integration into any automation architecture via all common types of fieldbus systems. Via the integrated M12 and M8 connectors, the devices can be directly connected to fieldbus systems such as AS-i or SmartWire-DT. The pilot devices of the RMQ family are also able to communicate via SmartWire-DT, which ensures greater efficiency across all workflows.

Modular system. Highly versatile

The RMQ Flat Enclosure is the smallest housing of its kind, turning safety-related components into stylish design elements for any machine or system. The RMQ Flat Rear electromechanical contact elements offer maximum flexibility across innumerable applications, and they can be easily combined with the rest of the RMQ range.

The human-machine interface of tomorrow

The next generation of machine operators expect a human-machine interface with intuitive operation, much like the mobile devices they use every day. The rise of new smart devices in the work environment is not limited to the areas of management and distribution.

Easy configuration. Flexible inscription.

The configurator will help you select and combine the various pilot devices of the RMQ family. Thanks to the integrated label editor, it is possible to individually adapt the RMQ pilot devices, quickly and at low cost. The label editor supports the creation of customer- and project-specific inscriptions.

The Eaton Moeller series—a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Eaton Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.
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