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xEnergy Main

Eaton's xEnergy Main low-voltage switchboard system allows for a broad range of fixed, removable and withdrawable configurations for power distribution and motor control applications in accordance with IEC61439-2. The system sections can be combined and tailored to the requirements of commercial and industrial applications up to 7,100 A.

xEnergy Main
Main busbar rating
up to 7100A
Protection class
IP 55
Short circuit rating
up to 105kA / 1s

Core features

  • The modular design allows for smart combinations and expansions
  • Complies with IEC 60439-1 and IEC 61439-2
  • Design-verified switchgear assembly for maximum uptime

Low voltage main power distribution with highest safety

Fully withdrawable modules offer safe and convenient access during maintenance. The optional ARMS arcflash reduction maintenance system further increases personnel safety. Internal separation up to form 4b and continuous temperature monitoring via DIAGNOSE reduce the risk of switchgear failures greatly. In the unlikely event of an arc flash the ARCON arc fault protection system ensures safety for personnel and equipment. Passive arc containment according to IEC/TR61641 and earthquake-safety tests complete our safety concept.

Become an xEnergy partner

Join our partner program and access all features including our XW withdrawable modules, DIAGNOSE for continuous temperature monitoring, ARCON to ensure active arc fault protection according to IEC/TR 61641, and the xEnergy Configurator for planning and designing xEnergy Main switchgear. Furthermore, we offer building instructions, type test certificates, design verification sheets, software tools, and training to our authorised and licensed panelbuilder partners.
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