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xComfort Bridge

xComfort Bridge is a new smart home controller featuring an easy-to-use app. Simple and user-friendly, the controller makes it easy to install our xComfort smart home systems, whether you are a new or experienced xComfort installer. No additional configuration software or prior programming knowledge is required, thereby contributing to smart homes that are truly intelligent. All you need to do to get started is to install one of our preconfigured Wireless Dim & App set packages – or simply use the xComfort Bridge with our Go Wireless packages to manage your smart home in a manner that is easy, scalable and future-proof.

xComfort Bridge
remote controlled
xComfort Bridge app
installation and commission
simplicity and ease
for home owners

Core features

xComfort Bridge
  • Once the xComfort Bridge controller has been connected to the local WiFi router, it can be remote-controlled using the xComfort Bridge app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android devices (smartphone, tablet). 
  • Various built-in LEDs provide information on the status and functioning of the controller.
  • The controller can be surface-mounted on any wall, on 55 mm or 68 mm switches or on a junction or installation box.
  • A set of bumper feet (included with the delivery) also makes it possible to place the controller on any horizontal surface.
  • Included in the box: mounting brackets, bumper feet, USB adaptor, Micro-USB cable, UTP cable, screws, dowels and adhesive strips.


Go Wireless xComfort Bridge Dim & App set

  • Easy control at device, zone and scene level
  • Simple app-based configuration and control (iOS, Android) via a secure communication channel
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Central on/off control
  • Compatible with Go Wireless packages, Wireless Switch All, Wireless Dim All and Wireless Second Switch
  • The RF communication is automatically password protected


Download the xComfort Bridge App with iOS or Android device

Apple App Store

Google Play

Easy lighting control via your smartphone or tablet

Smart home applications for managing the lighting, shades and other electrical appliances typically found in private residences have been around for decades. To respond to the growing demand for smart home systems, Eaton has created xComfort Bridge, a wireless lighting control solution that is both easy to install and easy to use and can be operated via any iOS or Android-operated device.

Easy to install and commission

True to its motto of simplicity and ease of handling, xComfort Bridge offers streamlined options for integrating electrical devices into a smart home solution

Getting smart with xComfort Bridge

Building on the success of Eaton’s GO WIRELESS pre-programmed, user-friendly packages, xComfort Bridge has been designed for home owners wishing to take the first step into the world of home automation.
xComfort Bridge turns their smart devices into controllers for wireless switching and dimming. In addition to functioning as a central wireless on/off switch, it can also be used to set up specific lighting scenes or to simultaneously activate, deactivate or dim multiple devices via configurable, user-defined zones.

Wireless Dim & App set - flush mount

xComfort Wireless dim & app set (flush mount)

Wireless xComfort Bridge package with 3 smart dimming actuators 0-100 W (R/L/C/LED). Invisible and easy flush-mounted installation without major construction work (neutral wire is required). Includes 3 wireless switches and 1 wireless master switch (preconfigured with actuators), which can be placed on any surface. Compatible with universal 55 mm switches. Simple app-based configuration and control (iOS, Android). No programming knowledge required. Dims all types of dimmable light bulbs (including LEDs), starting from 0 W. Smooth dimming, no afterglow of LEDs, noiseless.

The package includes:

  • 1 xComfort Bridge
  • 3 smart dimming actuators
  • 3 55 mm wireless switches, colour: pure white gloss
  • 1 55 mm wireless master switch, colour: pure white gloss

Wireless xComfort Bridge package with 3 smart dimming plug-in adaptors 0-250 W (R/L/C/LED). Easy DIY installation. Simple app-based configuration and control (iOS, Android). No programming knowledge required. Dims all types of dimmable light bulbs (including LEDs), starting from 0 W. Smooth dimming, no afterglow of LEDs, noiseless.

The package includes:

  • 1 xComfort Bridge
  • 3 dimming plugs, colour: traffic white

Wireless Dim & App set - plug-in

xComfort Wireless dim & app set (plug-in)

Easy configuration and commissioning

xComfort Bridge Wireless Dim & App set
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Add devices in learning mode by simply pressing the device mode button
  • Add devices by simply scanning the device barcode using your smartphone camera

Assign a name to the device, select one of the available icons and add it to a zone as required

Simple control                                 

xComfort Bridge Dim & App set
  • Directly control your lights at zone or room level
  • Central on/off switch at home and zone level comes as standard
  • Monitor the overall status of your home
  • Control each device separately
  • Use icons to identify your zones and devices
  • Directly set the dimming level of a room or device via a slider
  • xComfort Bridge can also indicate the power consumption of supported devices

Easily create scenes at home or zone level based on current light settings

Scene control                                                      

xComfort Bridge Dim & All app
  • Switch between moods, whether for dinner, celebrations, a film night or just going to sleep simply by selecting the respective scene.
  • Or just set the lights to activate at sunset or to switch off at sunrise.

Set your house to ‘away’ mode, turning off the lights when you leave

xComfort Bridge

Go Wireless xComfort Bridge Dim & App set

We make your home smart.

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