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xComfort Go Wireless packages

The Go wireless packages simplify installation of controls for lighting, shading, ventilation, heating and more. A new building as well as an existing home can be upgraded to a smart home easily. It is wireless and pre-programmed, meaning fast and easy installation, and can be mounted on any flat surface, including glass walls. Eaton Go Wireless solutions fit to integrate seamlessly and reliably into their homes.

Eaton GO WIRELESS is the reliable wireless solution, working every time, just like a wired switch. Remarkably, this unparalleled reliability comes with long battery life. In typical use, batteries last up to 10 years.

xComfort Go Wireless packages
fast, clean and easy
simple and straightforward
to a smart home

Core features

  • Simple, fast and straightforward installation
  • No chasing walls, putting in tubes and pulling cables
  • No drilling, no dust, no cables and time saving
  • Simple, reliable wireless switching
  • Wireless and pre-programmed
  • Can be mounted on any flat surface, including glass walls
  • Easy to expand and to extend
  • Additional functions like timers, light sensors or app control possible
  • Compatibility with many wiring accessories brands
  • Compatible with most 55mm frames

Wireless control without dust, dirt or hassle

Eaton’s Go Wireless pre-programmed packages make the installation of lighting, shading, heating and ventilation controls easier, helping save time. A range of packages is available, each providing a complete and ready to use solution. Each package is a worthwhile investment in its own right but with the added, future value of fitting straight in to an xComfort Home Automation system should you decide to install one. As part of an xComfort Home Automation system, each package will continue to provide its original functionality but becomes enriched with features that increase your comfort, support energy efficiency and bring many more benefits.


Upgrade your home to a smart home with xComfort Go Wireless


Wireless Dim All                       


The Wireless Dim All package dims all dimmable lights smoothly – even LED! This dimmer package smoothly dims all dimmable lightbulbs, in a location that’s convenient for your customer. It can be mounted quickly and easily, with a wireless switch mounted on any surface, and offers more flexibility than ‘traditional’ dimmers.

Wireless Second Switch


The Wireless Second Switch package complements an existing switch in the home -  for seamless control of lights or appliances from two locations. By mounting the actuator behind the existing controls, you can easily install a second, more convenient switch wherever it’s needed. Control lights from multiple wireless switches!

Wireless Switch All                           


The Wireless Switch All can be installed quickly and easily wherever your customers want controls for lights or appliances from a single switch (e.g. light up an entire room with the push of a button). This is particularly useful when planning switch locations in new properties, but is also the perfect solution when existing switches are inconveniently located or covered by furniture.

Wireless Heating


With the preprogrammed Go Wireless heating package you can operate your heating solutions more conveniently. Whether heating panels, heating foil or heating cables, with the wireless room controller touch and the compact wireless heating actuator you take the first step towards more comfort in your four walls. And should the demands increase, the system can be expanded as required. This heating package can be installed quickly and easily without extensive reconstruction work, the RF room thermostat can be placed on any surface.

Wireless Shading


For anyone who wants to control electric shutters, blinds, sunshades or curtains, Eaton’s Wireless Shading package can install a switch on any location and surface you require. Quick to install on any surface, the package comes with one blind actuator and a wireless switch. Add greater comfort and convenience with wireless switches to your home! 

Wireless Ventilation


Control central ventilation from everywhere you need to, saving time and increasing flexibility. The Wireless Ventilation package saves time with wireless control -  an easy-to-install wireless switch to control ventilation in any room. You can mount it easily on any surface in the home!

Wireless Floor Heating

xComfort Wireless Floor Heating

If you want to control your water-based floor heating smoothly and uncomplicatedly, the best option is the preprogrammed floor heating package. With this complete package, 5 zones can be controlled completely automatically with the wireless room controller touch. In combination with the xComfort wireless system, further possibilities in terms of scalability, control and automation are opened up. The floor heating package is suitable for different heating group settngs and is easy to install.

Wireless dim & app set (flush mount)

xComfort Wireless dim & app set (flush mount)

xComfort Bridge control unit via App with 100 W actuators and switches

  • Simple configuration and control via App (iOS, Android)
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Dims all types of dimmable light bulbs (e.g. LEDs)
  • Smooth dimming from 0 W, no afterglow of LEDs, noiseless

Wireless dim & app set (plug-in)

xComfort Wireless dim & app set (plug-in)

xComfort Bridge control unit via App with plug-in adapters

  • Simple configuration and control via App (iOS, Android)
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Dims all types of dimmable light bulbs (e.g. LEDs)
  • Smooth dimming from 0 W, no afterglow of LEDs, noiseless


Eaton Go Wireless packages can be installed quickly and affordably by one of our qualified installer partners without the dirt, disruption and inconvenience of renovating. They are ideal for both existing homes and new construction.

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