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xComfort Universal Motion Sensor

The xComfort universal motion sensor is a comprehensive solution for motion detection as a means to control room lighting and climate: For the homeowner this results in energy savings, increased comfort and/or safety. The universal motion sensor is available in 2 different colors – Pure white and Jet black.

The universal mounting methods and its power supply options makes it possible to fix (screw or glue) the motion sensor to any desired location.

xComfort Universal Motion Sensor
xComfort RF compatible
and optional mains

Core features

  • Can be mounted in 4 diffent ways 
  • Available in Pure white and Jet black color
  • Comes with universal round and with standard ‘55x55 mm frames’ compatible cover 
  • Battery powered, CR2450 (battery included), and optional Mains (230 VAC)
  • Long battery life, up to 5 years (TYP)
  • Device detection options
    • Light conditions
    • Switch-off delay time
    • Detection sensitivity
  • Detection area, ceiling mounted at 2.5 m, Ø6 m 
  • Multi-color LED for low battery and connection health indication
  • xComfort RF compatible (RF 868.3 MHz 
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Operating temperature 0° - 40 °C
xComfort Motion Sensor exploded

Easy and flexible installation

There are 4 different mounting methods:

  • Ceiling-recessed in a flush-box. Using the round front cover plate
  • Surface-mounted, screwed. Using the round cover plate + the surface mount adapter
  • Surface-mounted, glued with adhesive tape. Using the round cover plate + the surface mount adapter
  • Recessed in a flush-box in combination with a universal 55x55 mm WA frame. Using the 55x55 mm cover plate
Fully wireless and suitable for different environments

Energy saving

Following a defined period of time after a room has been vacated, the xComfort Universal Motion triggers the controller to set the heating to economy and later to standby. Heating is switched back to comfort upon reentering the room.

xComfort Universal Motion Sensor round cover ceiling mount in bathroom

Peace of mind

Following a definable switch-off delay, the room lights are automatically switched off (or dimmed to a certain level). The lights are switched on again upon entering the room. As a consequence, they are never left unnecessarily on.

xComfort Universal Motion Sensor 55 mm frame wall mount in nursery room - detailed

Increased safety

Upon detection, the “away” mode scares off unwanted visitors by triggering the xComfort controller to switch on all the lights and to open all the blinds. A corresponding alert is automatically submitted by the xComfort controller.                           

Residential suburban home at dusk lights



The xComfort Universal Motion Sensor is an easy to install wireless solution. It uses movement detection for the activation of future-proof smart home functions.

xComfort Universal Motion Sensor – 55 mm Frame back, pure white, black, side view

Get smart with xComfort Universal Motion Sensor and save energy while increasing your comfort and safety.

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