Helping payers securely access patient data

The changing technology landscape gives you more opportunities to take advantage of big data analytics to improve the patient experience. And with secure, reliable, regulatory compliant data centres you'll be able to achieve your cost-containment goals.

Meet the challenges of sharing and managing data

A significantly greater degree of pricing transparency, tougher competition and rising costs, due in part to healthcare reform, means that you have to gain pricing leverage whilst building a sizeable membership base and solid provider networks. We can help you improve the patient experience with efficient and reliable power management of the data centres that enable your business.

Secure information and meet regulations

For many managed-care organisations, business depends on the health of the data centre. To optimise operations, you must keep critical equipment up and running at all times, reduce cooling costs, scale to meet increasing power demands and stay informed with remote monitoring and management.

We can help you provide secure, reliable, compliant and interconnected data centres that adhere to the physical and technical standards of healthcare regulations and use big data analytics to improve the patient experience and population health whilst achieving healthcare cost-containment goals. 

Ensuring healthy operations for MultiPlan

A large supplier of independent, network-based cost-management systems required a system capable of safeguarding more than 1,000 servers in a data centre. They turned to us for help.