Keeping patients and providers connected

No matter the type of healthcare facility, a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure will help you provide the expected standard of patient care. With increased regulation and healthcare costs rising, the benefits of the efficient management of your power system will allow you to focus on what matters.

The power to deliver exceptional patient care

Across the healthcare industry, we are helping organisations—including ambulatory care centres, hospitals, integrated managed-care consortiums and senior and assisted living communities—maximise energy-saving opportunities, so that they can refocus investment on clinical care. We can help you to improve delivery models, efficiently transition to electronic medical records and continue to build your staff through a holistic view of your power management system.

Balancing regulation, costs and advancements in technology

As a provider of inpatient, outpatient or long-term care, your focus should be on delivering top quality, patient-friendly healthcare. We help you build and retrofit facilities with a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure. Infrastructure designed to withstand and minimise disruption events and ensure the availability of sensitive medical equipment—such as diagnostic machines, laboratory equipment and medicine refrigerators—reduces hospital-acquired infections whilst maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for everyone. And all this whilst providing a reliable emergency electrical power source that meets the life-safety code requirement. 

Building trust during construction

When building a new hospital block to house critical applications, the North Estonia Medical Centre needed a highly reliable, safe and economical electrical distribution system. We provided the power management equipment that helped the hospital meet regulations and achieve its power reliability goals.