Powering healthcare IT

Ensure the reliability and availability of EMR systems and make precision healthcare a reality by enabling cloud-based data sharing across a diverse range of sources.

Safeguard information and protect against downtime

Enabling patient information to be shared, stored and secured means that uninterrupted power is critical. We can help you manage your data infrastructure to enable you to meet the growing need for data processing, ensure system uptime, and protect the privacy of patient records by taking a holistic approach to power management.

Protect and share data more efficiently

The highest levels of reliability and availability for electronic medical record (EMR) systems enables you to give patients and physicians global access anytime and anywhere, whilst protecting patient information. With a comprehensive strategy linking the data centre to the network closet, information will instantly flow from bedside monitors to each patient's computerised health record.

We can help you take a holistic approach to power management by supporting the storing, sharing and analysing of health information. By maintaining security to ensure patient privacy you'll remain in compliance with regulations. Better manage your power needs with remote monitoring of power systems, identify energy efficiency opportunities through real-time and historical power data, and ensure that your data centre is flexible enough to easily (and cost-effectively) scale to meet future growth.

Patients depend on uptime

TriRivers, a healthcare IT organisation, needed to establish a highly scalable and redundant centralised power system to support electronic health-record storage.