Efficiency and uptime for the life sciences

Ensure continuous uptime by safeguarding against the loss of power in your manufacturing processes, whilst keeping hygienic spaces well-lit and dust free. 

Maintain and enhance productivity and compliance

In a market that is sensitive to power fluctuations and faces increased competition, reducing operating risk is critical. Optimising performance means that you can focus on getting to market faster whilst complying with regulations and maintaining product quality and safety. Our products and services help you ensure reliability and safety of machine and facility power.

Maintain pharmaceutical product integrity

For many life-science organisations, keeping power up and running means that they can continue to develop life-saving medications in a safe working environment. Our innovations can help ensure continuous uptime and help you maintain product integrity by safeguarding against loss of power in the manufacturing process, protecting your scientific advances and your product's time to market. 

We will help you comply with strict governmental regulations by providing your research and development facilities with active energy-management systems for efficient fan control, outfit your facility with filtration systems for use in the early diagnosis, prevention and therapy of various diseases, and enable uninterrupted uptime and productivity, so that you can continue to make important advances in drug discovery. 

UPS yields perfect result for lab environment

An unstable power event damaged a sensitive device at Array BioPharma, taking it out of commission for weeks. Our product provided the answer.