Efficient and reliable operations required

Today‘s agriculture companies need to be highly efficient plants to keep up with  global market dynamics. The reliable operation of the technical installations is a cornerstone for guaranteeing competitiveness.

Fresh ingredients for the perfect final product, every time

Growing plants and nurturing animals requires taking special care to achieve the best results. Humidity control and ventilation, nutrition, water supply, lighting, cleaning, transport and storage need to be available 24/7 to ensure fresh products and to safeguard the harvest at the end of the season. Rely on our experience in the agriculture segment to optimise your processes.

Reliable operations right from the start

After harvesting grain, processes like drying, conveying or storage need to run seamlessly to produce safe end products. In stables, lighting, ventilation or automated feeding systems need to be available to avoid any harm to the productive livestock. Starting up a new installation or retrofitting the electrical systems should not lead to operational interruptions. Count on our experience to provide application engineering of the complete electrical system. Our experts and partners integrate variable frequency drives, motor control, operator interface panels and PLCs, as well as our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system into one application that reduces the time and cost of installation and delivers reliable performance right from the first start-up.

Seamless and transparent grain processing

When it comes to high-volume grain processing, Feerum S.A. is one of the specialists in the Polish market. To ensure continuous operation and data transparency, the company chose Eaton to design and build its electrical control cabinets.

Enabling durable yield handling

When vegetables or fruit have been reaped, time starts running to deliver it to distributors and consumers. Therefore, in process steps like washing, where electricity and water come together, reliable operation is required. Our protection and motor control devices help to keep operations running even in harsh conditions and allow agriculture companies to deliver their yield fresh and clean in time.

Washing vegetables efficiently and safely

Drives help to reduce energy consumption, but they can also negatively influence electrical protection devices. With Eaton products, König Sondermaschinen built a yield washing machine that delivers both efficient and safe operation.

Empowering specialised mobile machinery

In agriculture, tractors' hydraulic units and electrical devices work hand-in-hand to deliver power and control to the attached specialised tools and accessories. As an expert in both technologies, we help system integrators deliver sustainable and efficient systems, including the development of IIoT connectivity to access the data that will help improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs.