Increase output and efficiency with intelligence

In a virtually hands-free automated environment, you need machines to deliver high performance with precision control, reliability, efficiency and safety. Especially on compact packaging machines, global market pressure and aggressive delivery deadlines require flexibility and an economic design.

Economic design and added value drive competitiveness

Shorter product cycles. Exacting production requirements. Aggressive delivery deadlines. Machine building for a virtually hands-free automation environment is extremely complex. It requires expertise and precise coordination of processing stations that integrate everything from injection moulding machines to packaging machines. This equipment must deliver at high rates, yet be exceedingly flexible for changeover. Precision control, reliability, efficiency and safety are a must for today's leading global manufacturers. 

Especially in the compact machine segment, economic design and added value are drivers to improve competitiveness. Allowing shorter product cycles that help to meet challenging delivery deadlines is an additional cornerstone for packaging companies to improve their market position.

Your next packaging machine: smart, flexible and connected

Today, packaging machines must be smart and connected, so that they can deliver valuable information to the operator to increase productivity and availability. Using our intelligent control devices with integrated sensing and our SmartWire-DT smart connectivity system, you get the intelligence you need, whilst production costs and time to market are reduced. 

Compact hydraulic systems reduce the machine footprint and increase the speed of the manufacturing process whilst minimising errors. And our durable hoses and predictive monitoring systems prevent failures before they happen. Real-time monitoring and data transparency enable you to manage energy efficiently and proactively. Let our application support teams help you to connect your machines to the IIoT and provide valuable data to operations. 

Better information – reduced production cost

Find out how Eaton's advanced SmartWire-DT system helped a leading designer of packaging machinery in Brazil reduce its production costs without compromising on performance, versatility or reliability.