Helping you build safe, smart, energy-efficient homes

Partnering with home builders and electrical contractors to build and renovate homes all around the world

From the first time you meet your potential customer to payment of the last bill, there are so many decisions you need to make every day to keep your business running efficiently. Our broad portfolio of products for single-family and multi-tenant residential construction, renovation and retrofit projects addresses the needs of today's modern lifestyle. 

Let us help you protect what matters: people, property, equipment and your reputation with products designed for the highest levels of safety. As the need for control and management of energy in terms of efficiency and safety is growing, discover how we can help you leverage technology to grow your business. All whilst keeping your projects on-schedule and on-budget.

Protect people, property and equipment

Throughout the building process, you want products that will keep your personnel safe during installation and maintenance and ensure the safety of homeowners long after move-in day. As codes continue to change, you need to stay up-to-date with current technology and best practices. Our products are fully code-compliant and equipped with features that help ensure a long life of safe operation. With products designed for safe and easy installation, including everything from circuit breakers that protect you against electrical shocks and fire to security systems that keep your home safe, we help make the home building process safe for everyone from day one.

Leverage technology to grow your business

The market for intelligent home systems is growing every year. Digital controls of common household systems like lighting, HVAC, security and appliances provide added convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and safety. And there is quite the market opportunity with the "do-it-for-me" consumer for the added service of upgrading to an intelligent home. But the challenge for your business lies in the time it takes to stay up-to-speed with this fast-moving market. And with ensuring that the products you choose are easy-to-install and connect, for both you and the homeowner. Let us help you transform into an intelligent-home consultant to grow your business.

Keep projects on-schedule and on-budget

Many of you are small businesses. But even for larger home builders or electrical contracting companies, accurately managing your budget and your time is the core of your success. Of course, with quality workmanship being the end result. With our quick and easy-to-install products, services and expert support, we help you lower installation and service time and costs, whilst diagnostic tools and remote access capabilities reduce the costs associated with call-backs for maintenance and troubleshooting. And with our broad portfolio and extensive channel network, you can rest assured that you are getting quality products from a trusted supplier when and where you need them.