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Tie-rod light-duty cylinders – L series

Compact, adaptable and a great value. Eaton pneumatic tie-rod light-duty cylinders – L series are ideal for manufacturing, processing and other high-velocity, low-pressure applications.
Tie-rod light-duty cylinders – L series
Advanced design features
Built to last
Lightweight but strong

Smart design

Linear and radial “float” of the cushion seals ensures precise alignment. Super cushions provide exceptionally fast stroke reversal.

Engineered to endure

A urethane wiper seal aggressively wipes contaminants from the piston rod, enhancing the rod seal life. The reinforced wear ring is created with polyphenylene sulfide for longevity and excellent bearing support.

Bottling System


In our VP series, high-strength aluminum alloy tubing is clear anodized on the outside and hard anodized inside, resulting in a smooth, corrosion-resistant surface. VN series cylinders have a durable stainless steel body. 

Find the right cylinder for the job

We offer six unique light-duty models in a range of bore sizes and stroke lengths.


  • Packaging
  • Food processing
  • Bottling
  • Auto assembly
  • Commercial laundry
  • Material handling

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